Two editions of this 1973 recording exist, one from Canada, the other from the Netherlands. The Canadian one has the title: Songs and Dances of Macedonia
In spite of the Canadian record's title, some songs are Serbian, Croatian, Romani, etc., and not only Macedonian, although several are Macedonian and there are performances by the famous Macedonian folk singer, Vaska Ilieva,
The other edition is from the Netherlands
and is registered on Discogs.com

A1 La Lu La
A2 Jano, Janke
A3 Ajde, koga podjo'
A4 Makedonsko oro
A5 Basal, basal, Seljadin
A6 Banetovo oro
A7 Caje sukarije

B1 Oj violo, ti si moja
B2 Zasvirel Stojan
B3 Lence bre duso
B4 Dojdi mi, Stojanke
B5 Tamo daleko
B6 Mars "Na Drinu"

LSotW 1973

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